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How we operate and our fees

How we work with you and the fees we charge depend on the nature of the work we undertake for you.

We’ll have an initial free meeting to scope your requirements where we will determine what kind of support would best benefit you:

Part-time director support

We want you to see us as a vital part of the management of the business, a partner whose opinion you respect. Our chartered accountant or technology specialist will work with you every month to become a familiar, trusted advisor to your business. We will do this through a mixture of monthly meetings, emails and phone calls. Every business is unique and we will help you to solve problems and grow your business using practical advice based on our extensive experience.

Because we want to create an ongoing relationship with the organisations we work with, our fee structure reflects this. We charge a fixed, monthly retainer at a rate which is a fraction of the cost of employing a full time FD or CTO, gives you value for money and ensures you have certainty of your costs. The businesses we support are our passion and we have a flexible approach where we are available throughout the month to respond to ad-hoc queries at no extra charge.

Interim and Project Work

Interim work will be based on our daily rates and specific projects will require an initial scoping session after which we will provide you with a quote for the project.